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Just getting started

Well I thought I had good pelvic floor control but having this device has showed me quite differently. The exercises are challenging but I know that in time I will become better at them. Thank You Perifit for making your products available and thus saving me many embarrassing moments.

No longer dread PVF exercises

Motivated by the games. To early to see improvement but I now look forward to my practise


Really live this, would recommend this to anyone

Perifit | Original Kegel Exerciser


I was feeling really down about myself not all that long ago. I had increasingly bad prolapse symptoms over two years after having my second child. I had seen my GP not long after giving birth, but my concerns were ignored. I was told I didn't have a prolapse, even though I could sometimes see something coming out down there! No amount of Kegel exercises seemed to make a difference, even though I felt like I was doing them correctly.

I was unsure about spending money on the Perifit, but after reading a lot of reviews, I finally got it. It sounds ridiculous, but it has changed my life and how I feel physically and emotionally. In just a short time, my prolapse symptoms have improved greatly. I no longer get that heavy feeling or the feeling of something coming out of me. I love that I do this for about 10 minutes a day and it doesn't feel like Kegel exercises take a lot of time, which was the case before. The games are good and I can see what the different kinds of movements do to improve things. My strength has increased and so has the agility. It no longer feels like an on/off movement when doing Kegel exercises and I can feel my control increasing. So impressed!

I’m very happy

Thank you for such a easy way of training the pelvic floor

Perifit | Original Kegel Exerciser

Really good little device

I can’t say how effective this is yet as I’ve only been using it a couple of weeks. However I think I am seeing some improved pelvic floor strength already. And the games keep me really focused on training regularly

Peri fect

Really clever device, definitely keeps me interested. Sometimes needs recallibrating.

Perifit Pump Flange
María Rodríguez Flores

Perifit Pump Flange

Wonder worker

Hard work at the beginning but definitely paid off. I will never stop using this tool now! I can't believe the difference in two weeks!


Great for first few weeks then nothing but problems.

Hello, I haven't received the perifit product yet.

Perifit Care+ | Advanced Kegel Exerciser

Great product

At first I was a little skeptical about the Perifit. But after using it for a week I love it. Easy to use, and it really is quite challenging at times. I am hopeful this will help maintain my pelvic floor.

Really difficult

Sorry not a fan I can't control it at all


Really good easy to use also like that you don't charge it and the battery last five years 🤩

So far so good

Absolutely love this! Game changer

I wish I had of had this years ago. By playing the games you can really learn how to properly do a kegal. I used the NHS app before and found it made my pelvic floor hypertonic. I use my Perifit in the morning just once a day and after only 2 weeks I can feel a huge improvement. Well done to whoever invested this - THANK YOU!!!!

a brilliant concept but games are slightly too simple

I love the whole concept of this and I am pleased with my Perifit.

The fact that I can play games on my iPhone is banned to make it more attractive to use as it is pretty boring doing pelvic floor exercises and also difficult to remember. It’s something that you always promised yourself you’ll do every day and then never seem to. However, my complaint is at the games are just too simple, the graphics, particularly the under the sea game looks as though it is designed for three and four-year-olds. we really would appreciate some better design games please. Also, I wonder if each game the user could select beginner intermediate and challenging levels within each game


Enjoy using Perifit. Games are challenging and fun. Like the variety. Great that the 'work' is only a short duration.

A good way to engage with what goes on down there!

I like the feedback in the games and the report. I am a little concerned it sometimes picks up readings and other times I struggle to know whether I am moving green or red

Perifit Care+ | Advanced Kegel Exerciser

Too demanding start up

I think the exerciser is good but for those of us who need a lot of support the exercise regime is too demanding at the outset. The first few days I have had so much muscle pain I had to stop and need a slower build

Fun but too early to tell

Fun to use but I do struggle to keep it in my vagina without using my hand to hold it in. Too early to tell if it's solved my problem but I can see that I'm getting stronger.